Friday, 5 September 2014

Tony Bianco Launch

On Wednesday the 27th of August, Westfield Marion launched Tony Bianco's first Westfield store in Australia with an exclusive event, held at the gorgeous new TB boutique. 

We were welcomed with delicious beverages from Steve The Bartender. With a selection of hand mixed cocktails to choose from, it was rare to see anyone without one of these tasty drinks in hand.  Ergos catered a range of appetizers for the event, and having only one was definitely not an option, as each flavor filled bite left your taste buds craving more. The atmosphere was definitely made with the addition of the unique yet amazing sounds of Tahi Love, a duo featuring Chelsea Bowring and Tom Barratt. 

The room filled with a carefully selected portion of Adelaide's fashion elite, was buzzing with admiration for this stunning new boutique and the flawless range to go with it. The store itself is it's own little reflection of heaven, with a modern and chic layout. Each shoe has been specificaly placed in a colour and style order, making your shopping experience that much more easy and enjoyable. Seen something online? Their is also an iPad attached to the stunning sunglasses collection, where you can browse exactly what you're looking for. VIP guests were also welcome to shop with 20% off store wide to celebrate the launch.  
All guests fell in love with this seasons collection.
Two of the beautiful and helpful staff members in store.

Wearing: Cameo Pants exclusive to BNKR, Kookai Singlet, Bardot Faux Fur Coat, Tony Bianco Boots, Michael Kors Watch and Colette Necklace.

The store manager, Jo Forlani, not only stepped into the spot light to announce the opening of her new store and make a quick speech, but also took the time to personally go around to all guests and thank them for attending. Jo has been working for Tony Bianco for four and a half years now, and is very excited for the new journey of running Australia's first Westfield boutique. 

As the night came to a close we were left with a gorgeous little Tony Bianco labelled gift box filled with goodies and vouchers from many well known brands. 

Thank you and congratulations to Westfield Marion, Girl About Town, Jo Forlani and Tony Bianco for the invitation and for holding such an amazing launch.

All images below reposted from TEO Magazine, photography by Hayley Jessup.

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