Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Laser Clinics Australia: My First Visit


Some may classify me as a skin treatment virgin - never have I received any facials, peels or even laser hair removal, (and If I am completely honest) I rarely cleanse and tone my skin. Just a simple once over with a makeup remover wipe and that's my nightly routine done. Well that was until I was invited into the Laser Clinics Australia store at Westfield West Lakes.

On arrival I had no idea what to expect as I was greeted with a warm smile and handed a sheet to fill in (just to let them know a bit more about my skin). My name was called as I followed the West Lakes clinic owners Susan and Greg, along with the manger Kristen into a consultation room to discuss more about the variety of treatments Laser Clinics Australia provides, and what I can expect with my chosen treatment today.

We then moved into a treatment room to begin my Microdermabrasion, and to my surprise it was very quick, easy and hassle free. No mess on my clothes, my hair was pulled back into a cap and my skin was already feeling fresh just after the first cleanse.

Going into my appointment I had no idea if it would hurt, if I would have to get changed into a robe, or if my skin would come out looking lobster red, but I can assure you none of these became true. The microdermabrasion felt like a very small vacuum sucking at my face, not at all painful. The following cream that Kristen applied, (to eat all the dead skin cells and leave my face feeling fresher than ever) only slightly tingled and warmed up, but nothing to the extreme I was picturing in my mind before hand.

Leaving the clinic my skin has never felt better, and I only went slightly pink for about an hour (which is understandable seeing as it is a fresh new layer of skin). I was also gifted with Skinstitut products to keep my skin at its best everyday.

Four Days After Treatment - My foundation has never sat so smoothly.
I can now proudly say that I stick to a morning and night cleansing and moisturising ritual that has prolonged the amazing results of my first microdermabrasion. Prior to my appointment my skin had quite a few blemishes which Kristen believed was from my moisturiser at home that only sat on the surface of my skin instead of going deeper. After the treatment and using my new Skinstitut moisturiser the blemishes have cleared.

Laser Clinics Australia and the beautiful team at the Westfield West Lakes Clinic, I cannot thank you enough. To those of you who feel as though your skin is a little dull, dry or tired lately, I highly recommend visiting your local Laser Clinic - Click here to find one near you.

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