Thursday, 9 July 2015

State My Style

I was recently offered the opportunity to collaborate with, one of the worlds leading fashion destinations online. Boohoo is known and loved for their incredible range of clothing that will literally appeal to absolutely anyone - no matter what your style is, they have it all! In this post I would like to introduce you to my three new best friends, Abigail, Nicole and Victoria.

For anyone following me at @charniereeves_ on instagram you will definitely be aware that coats and roll necks are my saviour this winter! I am obsessed, different lengths, cuts, colours, prints, textures - my wardrobe is stacked with them. Though no matter how many you have, you always have your secretly selected favourites, {insert the Abigail Waterfall Coat here}.

Easy to wear tied up, undone, tied at the back, or thrown over your shoulders, the Abigail Waterfall Coat was well thought out as it is the perfect fit for every look! I am telling you now - if you only want to purchase one coat this winter, Abigail is calling your name.


The other two pieces I selected to complete the perfect winter outfit, were the Nicole Chunky Marl Knit Roll Neck and the Victoria Slit Knee Mid Rise Skinny Jeans. The roll neck knit is cropped and sleeveless leaving it to be a key essential item all year round. Paired with a skirt in summer, or layered into a winter ensemble, Nicole will have your back.

Buying jeans can sometimes be an off putting experience, let alone having to trust they will fit when buying them online. Though I can reassure you that buying from will change your mind. If you have any doubts or questions about sizing contact the customer service team, I did, and they delivered the perfect size to me.

I have several pairs of jeans in my wardrobe, some ripped, others just your standard pair, but these are my first with just the knee slits. The stretch in the fabric, and the fact that they nailed the colouring definitely makes Victoria one of my go to pairs of jeans from now on.

If it is an extra cold winters day, stack on a few more layers, whether it be a longer top underneath the knit or a scarf thrown on top, and then easily strip it back on those warmer days. I can guarantee this outfit will see you through many seasons.

Well now that I have introduced you to my three new gal pals, I can assure you that no matter what your style, whether it be similar to mine, or the complete opposite - you will find it over at

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