Sunday, 2 November 2014

Behind The Seams

On Sunday the 19th of October, I attended the Behind The Seams event at Richmond Hotel. Being the first year for this event, no one really knew what to expect. Although I can tell you that it ended up being one of my favorite events! 

Guests took to their seats excitedly as the panel (which can only be explained as Adelaide's fashion royalty) sat facing us. Guest speakers included Kelly Noble - owner of Glam Digital, Paul Vasileff  - designer of Paolo Sebastian Couture, Creative Driector of Australian Fashion Labels - Melanie Flintoft, Tania Debono - Founding Director of THEWRITING and CAKE Social Media, Adelaide Fashion Festival Makeup Director - Lucy Iansenzaniro, Helen Jansson - Principal Lecturer (TAFE SA), Fashion Editor (The Advertiser) - Anna Vlach and Bec Cochrane - Adelaide Fashion Festival Makeup Director (Media Makeup). 

Amelia Mulcahy (Channel 7) kick started the event with all the right interesting questions that left us soaking up every word, and at the end there was still time to squeeze in a few of our own. 

For whatever reason people attended, whether it was to find inspiration in what they want to achieve, or find out more in depth information into the industry, I can guarantee every individual in that room left feeling excited, empowered and ready to take on what ever comes their way.  

A few interesting and inspirational facts I discovered from this event was that Paul was only 11years old when he first noticed fashion, and very soon after began designing his own pieces. Tania has never given up on her visions and dreams, and even found herself applying (without having any previous experience) for jobs that required her to have 5years experience. Through Tanias determination and her knowledge and passion for social media she was offered a position within a huge company that further lead her to creating her own PR Company. 

Everyone on the panel all strongly agreed that social media has become a huge advantage within the industry and in creating a well known, approachable company. 

Many comments were made that reinforced my passion within the fashion world although a few in particular stood out! 

"You will never stop learning" - Paul Vasileff
Paul stressed the point how important it is to be opened to always learning new things, and that no matter how long you have been in the industry someone or something will come along where you will learn something new. 

"Use the negativity to create something positive" - Tania Debono 
Tania inspired everyone to use any negative situation you're in to create a positive one. Also, that there will always be haters no matter what industry you work for, as soon as you start to succeed there is someone behind you trying to bring you down, but to ignore them, and keep doing what you're doing. 

"If you're going to be half assed about something don't bother" - Kelly Noble
Kelly reminded us that the industry is fast paced, and that if you're not fully committed and passionate about what you are trying to create there is no point, because someone else will come along who is giving 100% and they will be the one to succeed. 

"It does come, you just have to wait your turn" - Lucy Iansenzaniro
Even though things may take a while to get started, or for your work to get noticed, Lucy told us that it will come to us, some things just take longer than others. Be patient, don't give up, and when it comes it will be worth the wait. 

The event was a huge success, and I'm very greatful for being given the opportunity to sit and listen to such inspiring individuals within the industry. 

2014 Adelaide Fashion Festival is presented by the City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters and The Parade, Norwood.

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