Sunday, 30 August 2015

My Jord Wood Watch


When it comes to watches, you fall into one of three categories.
One - Those who only ever have the one watch until it's completely worn to it's   core, and then invest in a new one.
Two - Watch? They still sell those....I only need my phone, plus it's easier than trying to read the time.
Three - Gotta Catch Them All! Every design, every material, every colour!

Number one and three are acceptable, however if you are one of those who rely on their phone all I can say is that you are missing out on some seriously amazing arm candy.

The Fieldcrest Watch in Maple.

I am definitely a category three type of girl, and up until now I thought my collection was complete. That was before I discovered Jord Wood Watches.

Jord pride themselves on a range of incredible handcrafted watches all created with wood and materials sourced from around the world. With 8 different wood finishes, and over 30 styles to choose from you will soon find yourself falling in love with the brand as quickly as I did.

It was a hard decision to select my favorite, but I love the simplicity and design of the Fieldcrest Maple Watch.

Be sure to visit Jord Wood Watches online now, and discover a world of watches you didn't know existed.

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