Sunday, 6 April 2014

Natural Glam Makeup

Nude lips and oversized knits... It's going to be a good day!

Oversized knit weather is back, and I am happy to welcome it with arms wide open. I love snuggling up in jumpers and layers and now thankfully the many knits on sale is a fashionable way to do so.

This post however is based on a nice natural glam makeup style, that you can wear when going out in midday but don't want to look over the top. 

First off (after applying your foundation and blush or bronzer, I prefer bronzer) you need to select a few shades of brown/cream to use for your eyeshadow. I personally have 3 colours, a very light white/cream for the inner part of my eye which blends further back with my light brown shade. The light brown shadow will then make a nice smooth change from the light to the dark shadow. Leaving dark brown to corner my eye. Make sure you create a nice subtle change between the shades and don't use anything to dark or harsh. Apply a slight amount of the light shadow to your brow bone to highlight and illuminate.

Next is eyeliner and mascara, I used both of these in black. Although if you are blonde, or fair skin and prefer using browns you may do so. Mascara is pretty straight forward, apply until you reach your prefered look. Eyeliner however is not crucial in this look, you do not have to use it. Though if you do chose to, just create a thin smooth line, nothing thick or fancy. 

I am extremely fussy when it comes to eyebrows, I can't help but look at everyone's. Somedays mine do not wish to cooperate and go different ways or separate, that is why it's best to learn to groom them. We aren't going to do anything full on as this is a natural glam look. Although we are going to lightly shade them. First be sure to pick your appropriate colour, blonde, brown, dark brown and so on. Start by shading in from the start and following them backwards. Do not go over the top, I see so many girls that have obviously gone for the dark thick look and just colour them in completely and they look wrong. You may only need a light shade, be sure to judge for yourself as you slowly apply it.

Lastly, nude lips is the best way to achieve your natural glam goal. If you have a nude lipstick apply with a little bit of pawpaw or gloss to give it that extra shine. However, the lipstick is not crucial. You may leave your natural lip colour under the gloss, or apply a tiny bit of foundation across your lips instead before the pawpaw goes on. 

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