Tuesday, 22 April 2014

What do you wear to a Concert?

What do you wear to a concert? You have to find an outfit that looks good, is weather appropriate and is comfortable! 

It's in our nature to weigh up all the factors and just say screw it its too hard, I'm not going out tonight, I have nothing to wear, but you'd be surprised how easy it is to pull together an outfit with a few simple pieces.

First I am going to say, a long sleeve dress is a life saver in the cooler months, my little black number from Kookai has saved me many times. Second, find something to throw over the top for a little bit more added warmth, I went for my new quilted cream vest. Lastly add your shoes and accessories. My boots and necklace both complimented one another with similar colours, also bringing in the cream from the vest.

There you have it a nice outfit, that keeps you warm, and because I'm not in stilettos the wedges give my feet the comfort they need for the 3hour show. Feel free to also add stockings for extra warmth. 

| Dress: Kookai | Vest: Rumor Boutique | Wedges: Wittner | Necklace: Colette |

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