Monday, 14 April 2014

Tie The Knot

Remember when we would tie our shirts and jumpers around our waists when we were younger? Though at some point it became uncool and everyone stopped... Well I'm here to let you know it's time to start up the trend again, that iconic 90s look is back and more fashionable than ever. 

The main shirt used is normally plaid or flannel, however this year you can rock it with almost any shirt, jacket or jumper. Try it out with denim, satin, leather, anything really. Plus it's a bonus when you start to get chilly and you have your jacket already around your waist!
It's a versatile look that can be worn with many styles. Don't just limit yourself to tying the knot when wearing pants, add it to a cute day dress, shorts even a playsuit. For this post I have gone for a girly vibe, with grungy features. 

Ripped boyfriend jeans rolled up with cream lace flats, a white opened back singlet, and a peach plaid shirt. For accessories I added aviators and a light pink necklace. 
With all the same pieces I also changed the look to more of a preppy style. This was simply achieved by changing the waist tie to an over the shoulder tie up. 
| Singlet: Lioness | Jeans: Factorie | Shirt: Valleygirl | Shoes: Betts | Necklace: Colette |

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