Wednesday, 12 February 2014

First Post

So here it goes, my attempt at starting a blog!

Why did I choose to call my blog Global Addictions?
Because all around the world what I want to post about is relevant to someone.
Many of us are all addicted to fashion and trends, makeup and to feel beautiful.
We all have that urge to love and the need to be loved in return!
Everyone likes to look at photographs of people, places, animals, nature, something...
And everyone loves the idea of travelling, to escape to somewhere other than where they are now.

My goal is to share with you posts on what I am passionate about.
I have always had an obsession with fashion and makeup, I don't know what it is about them but they just mesmerize me.

I will also post on what my daily look is, some hints to top off your look, makeup inspo and much more :)

This image is from my sisters wedding, I love the feeling of getting my hair and makeup done, it just relaxes me!

Anyway be sure to follow me, and keep checking back for all my blog posts!
If you like a photo I post that is my own, you are welcome to re post it but just be sure to mention where you got the image from!

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