Tuesday, 25 February 2014

My Addiction

Heels! Wedges! Boots! My one true love...

Every girl has their weakness for some it's chocolate, for others it's bags, for me it's shoes! 

Don't get me wrong I also have an addiction to makeup, nail polishes and all forms of clothing but there's something about shoes that sets them apart from the rest. 

It may help that I have a tiny foot so my size is always left, and well I just can't say no when they are sitting there all alone on the shelf needing a place to call home. 

But it's also the way a shoe can make you feel. When you're having a gross day and you put on your favorite pair of heels it automatically gives you a boost of confidence. Or when you slip your foot into your all time comfy shoe and you're walking on a slice of heaven.  They make or break your outfit, help you to dress it up or dress it down. The right pair of heels can set you apart from the rest. 

For quality I love to shop at Wittner their shoes are to die for! The detail, fit and comfort that each pair provide proves why I rate them so highly. Though they are more expensive then the others I list below, you always pay that little bit more for quality! 

For good shoes at a good price Shoe Shed is she way to go! So many brands, colours and designs at valuable prices. This is definitely the place to shop if your addicted to shoes just like I am! 

When I'm looking to buy a good pair of flats or boots that will last at a reasonable price  I go to Novo and when I want the same value but in a heel I like to got to Zu or Betts.

For those shoes that will get you through a few occasions, are comfy enough but you only want to spend around $20 then I'd go to Ruby Shoes. Although because their cheap they will show that with the fabric and how long they'll last. 

Hope this helps when you're looking for your next pair, whatever the occasion may be xx

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