Thursday, 27 February 2014

Turquoise Thursday

The perfect piece!

I recently fell in love with the bracelet/ring look, also known as a slave bracelet

We all have those moments just before we go out that we frantically look around our rooms for jewelry to top off our outfit. Then there's the issue of does the ring match the bracelet, does my wrist look too cluttered. Well slave bracelets have come into the fashion world to save the day.

The slave bracelet is a gorgeous delicate piece that connects the ring to the bracelet, and usually adds a beautiful feature in the middle of your hand. 

For this particular look I actually based my outfit around my bracelet. White and turquoise are always a flawless match so I decided to wear white material shorts with a white boobtube, and to top it off the color of my heels matched perfectly to my bracelet. One of my fashion loves is to paint my nails a colour in my outfit, so for today's look my stand out colour is obviously turquoise.

Remember that you don't need to overpower your look with a necklace, earrings, bracelet and so on. Sometimes just one flawless piece is all you need.

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