Sunday, 16 March 2014

Beanie Head

Winter is on it's way back slowly here in Australia, cue the incredible fashion that comes with it.

Beanies are a cute little piece that adds to any winter outfit, plus it's amazing to cover up a bad hair day. This is one of my newest additions to my collection, I bought it solely because of it having 'New York' embroided on the front. It's always been a dream of mine to travel there, go to fashion shows and just soak up the incredible atmosphere. I'm a strong believer of focusing on what you want and putting it out into the universe, so what's better then literally wearing my dream on my head. 

For today's outfit I wore faux leather leggings, a grey singlet with a khaki shirt over the top, and ofcourse my new beanie. 

| Beanie: Factorie | Shirt: Valleygirl | Singlet: Sportsgirl

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