Thursday, 20 March 2014

White on White

White on white is one of the biggest style crazes in the fashion world right now.

Its a fresh, crisp, stand out look that has everyone swarming to find the right white pieces before anyone else. I have found two items that I absolutely adore together. My Rope Back Singlet, and my Skater Skirt, both are from one of my favorite Australian labels, Lioness. Below I will be using both of these pieces in two different looks, one for casual day wear, the other for a more glamourous going out style. 

The singlet is a gorgeous simple piece that can be dressed up or left as is. The back detail of the braided fabric gives it originality unlike most singlets that all look the same. The skirt is just as perfect with thick fabric and cute shape. One feature that pushes this skirt even higher up my list is the sneaky inclusion of hidden pockets. I have paired this look with cute lace flats for a sweet day outfit.

A matching bag and heel ensemble can be an incredible look when paired with the right clothing. Below you will see the same skirt and singlet as above, but with heels instead of flats to give you your perfect night on the town outfit. When wearing all white you can easily pull of some funky bright colours and patterns, don't be afraid to go all out. Apply a fuller face of makeup; eyeshadow, bronzer and lipgloss to dress up your outfit. 

There you have it, a quick turn over from your casual day wear to a glamourous night look.

| Singlet: Lioness | Skirt: Lioness | Heels: Zu | Clutch: Zu | Lace Flats: Betts |

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  1. Such a lovely dress, you look adorable :)

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