Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Stack On Rings

A hot trend at the moment is stacking on rings across almost all of your fingers. Chunky, thin, knuckle rings, normal rings, whatever they are stack them on, but make sure you don't over do it.

I like to keep to all one tone, silver is a safe bet, or gold/rose gold. It gets a bit tricky when you start to add in different colours. Personally I'm a silver/white gold kind of girl when it comes to everyday jewellery. 

For today's hand candy I have used 3 types of rings that compliment one another. An Antique Spoon Ring on my index finger, a Slave Bracelet on my middle finger, and a Knuckle Ring on my ring finger. As you can see its a very simple take on the ring stacking look, but still very effective. The difference in style, size and placement gives it a funkier look then normal rings evenly placed across 1 or 2 of your fingers. 

Give this look a try next time you want to stack on some jewellery, i'd love to see what cool looks you come up with!  

Outfit wise, I am wearing an oversized black tee, my boyfriend jeans (which is a favorite piece of mine at the moment) and black lace up heels. I love to wear a ring stack with my casual wear as well as when I'm going out. 

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