Friday, 7 March 2014

Dress Up Your Denim Shorts

You love your denim shorts...but you always look so casual wearing them right? Wrong! In this post I will show you how to easily dress up your favorite pair in very few steps! 

The first basic instruction is to stay clear of colours when trying out this look at first. Once you get the hang of it then feel free to add some nice bright colours into the mix. 

Whites and blacks are always very classy and dressy when worn the right way. Here I have a high neck white singlet, paired with a black faux fur vest. This combination will work best if you have a similar singlet, (skin tight singlets that show cleavage take away from the dressy side)! Vests are a love of mine! They are that extra something you sometimes need to make the look pop! 

Jewelry is the next stop, don't clutter your wrists with many beaded bracelets like you would if you were going to the shops, this will dress down your look completely. A nice chunky necklace sitting high (just under your collarbones) is the perfect piece of jewelery to add. Again try and think classy colours, I went with black and gold as I didn't want anything to steal away from the simplicity of this outfit. 

The final decision is the shoes, flats or heels it doesn't matter, just make sure you pick a nice (clean!) pair. I went for a basic strappy black heel, nothing over the top just a simple shoe to finish the look. 

If you have multiple handbags that you switch between remember to swap over to something that compliments the look, not a completely different colour to ruin your outfit. 

| Singlet: Sportsgirl | Fauxfur Vest: Bardot | Shorts: Supre | Necklace: Colette | Heels: Betts |  Handbag: Guess | Glasses: Cheapies from a pop up shop |

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